Saturday, September 5, 2009

A new day

Last night we played the classic game Carcassonne with some new variants that were published that I managed to pick up with some 40K tournament winnings. This game is great, lots of strategy and simple enough that kids can play it (they just need to match the tiles). The dragon simply ate his way through my pieces and that left me in last place trying to catch up the entire game.

Then we got out GW's new Space Hulk. We had two rousing games and in the final game, I was left with three Terminators with Genestealers closing in on all sides. The plan was to move my Sergeant around a corner to blast a door down with only two chances to shoot, then step back into the hallway from whenst he came. Following that, the Heavy Flamer Terminator was to round a different corner to lay a flamer blast throught the destroyed door into the room beyond to win the game. Then it came time to put the plan in action. The Sergeant rounded the corner, fired once at the door and failed to destroy it. That's when everyone else got worried and I merely commented that I have one more shot to knock it down, if I didn't, that was game. So the dice were tossed and I managed to get a 6 and destroyed the door. The Sergeant calmly stepped back into the corridor and the Heavy Flamer finished the job.

For the Emperor!

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Anonymous said...

Nice job, Jason. I hope to see even better stuff than this so far. SLACKER!! ;)

Don E.