Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lamenter Marine for Gospog

This one's just for you, Gospog. I only have a single unit of Lamenter Marines in my Badab Crusade Army but they stand out above all others. Yellow just draws the eye from across the room.   What I really like about my Crusade army is that I can paint all kinds of different units and colors so I have lots of variety to choose from.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Badab Crusade Banner

This is my banner for my Badab Crusade Army carried by a Mantis Warrior Space Marine.   Its big, its cool, and contains a bunch of interesting iconography. See if you can figure any of it out. The pole is made out of a long tube of brass, topped by an Aquila.  The banner is flanked by litanies of purity, honor, achievements, and crimes of the Badab traitors.

Shown above is a side view of the Mantis Warrior. I used Dark Eldar jaggedy bits behind the forearms to carry the Mantis claw arm theme from the dreadnought onto the rest of my Mantis Warriors.  I'm pleased with the result.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mantis Warrior Dreadnought

Behold, this is my Mantis Warrior Dreadnought Brother Fornaxa for my Badab Crusade Army.   The Power Claw was made out of thick plasticard and was cut and scraped to get the look of a Praying Mantis claw.  I've always envisioned in my mind that this dreadnought silently moving through the forest killing enemies at will.   The claw is really huge but that makes is even more scary!

My Badab Crusade army is made up of all the loyalist chapters that participated in the Badab War and that didn't flee to the Maelstrom with Huron Blackheart.   Each member of the Crusade carries at black shoulder pad on the right with my robed Crusader device and their Chapter iconography on the left shoulder.

Intrepid readers will know that I made this army about 5 years ago and many of the forthcoming units were shown in a great series of White Dwarf Battle Reports against John Shaffer and his Huron Blackheart crew.   This model was never photographed or published so I'm sharing him now.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dabbling with Death Guard

I'm still dabbling with my Death Guard back packs, just in case you thought I forgot about them.  I've created a few different interesting styles that should fit right in with the models. Pictures will be forthcoming when I get them near completion showing step by steps.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rogue Trader Days Old School

I've been playing GW games for over 20 years now.  My first army I collected was Chaos Space Marines, specifically, Emperor's Children and Thousand Sons, while my friend Brenden collected World Eaters and Death Guard. We fought many battles together and against.

Here now is a taste of a few models that I've had in my collection since the dawn of my tabletop gaming experience and occasionally see use on the table as I try out different army lists.

Emperor's Children Land Raider.  Back then, there was only one model for the Land Raider, Rhino, and Predator.  If you wanted it Chaos, then you had to convert it because there were no Chaos accessory sprues.  So with a few skulls it becomes Chaos.  At least that was the theory 20 years ago. Now skulls are on everything.

Not a pleasing sight to be coming towards you.  Knowing what I know now, I'd recess the Heavy Bolters back further into the eyes.

Here are a few pictures of my Chaos Predator.  One question I always get from people who know that the Blood Angels are my favorite army is why is there a Blood Angel in your predator. The Emperor's Children was the first army I collected before I wised up and became obsessed with Blood Angels.  Our game night host, Mr. B. Woods,  had a Blood Angels army and I was alway fighting against him so it seemed reasonable to impale one of his marines on my tank.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well, I finally got around to getting some paint on one of my 9 Hydras and I still need to put some attention to the hull-mounted heavy flamer.  The color scheme is my simple ash waste camoflage paint job. Prime the parts black, drybrush the whole model with Codex Grey, followed by drybrushing in irregular lines with Fortress Grey.

There are still a few details to be painted on the model but when I was originally working on my Armoured Company (back when you could take 6 Russ as a single troops choice) I needed to get the army painted for a GW staff Eye of Terror game.  I assembled and painted the entire army in 3 days and didn't sleep for about 75 hrs.  The details just didn't matter but I had 3 colors!!  The organizers of the game said that you could take one Force Organization chart, points were irrelevant.  Thus my Armoured Company was born as it was the most powerful force that I could think of.  It was so large that I could only deploy 2/3 of it in a 6' long by 12" wide deployment zone.

The army consisted of 3 Vanquishers for the HQ, 3 Aces in Vanquishers for the Elites, 24 Leman Russes/Exterminators for the Troops, 9 Hellhounds for the Fast Attack, 6 Basilisks and 3 Demolishers for the Heavy Support.  It was shock and awe at its finest.  One day, I should like to get them out and take a picture of it to share.

Details on my previous post on the Hydra can be found here