Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Badab Crusade Banner

This is my banner for my Badab Crusade Army carried by a Mantis Warrior Space Marine.   Its big, its cool, and contains a bunch of interesting iconography. See if you can figure any of it out. The pole is made out of a long tube of brass, topped by an Aquila.  The banner is flanked by litanies of purity, honor, achievements, and crimes of the Badab traitors.

Shown above is a side view of the Mantis Warrior. I used Dark Eldar jaggedy bits behind the forearms to carry the Mantis claw arm theme from the dreadnought onto the rest of my Mantis Warriors.  I'm pleased with the result.


Rath of Un said...

Nice Mantis Warrior, I am in the process of building my own Mantis Warrior army. I like the banner, and looking at your post on the 13th the Dreadnought looks really cool. I would bet that a Dreadnought would look pretty kick ass with two of those close combat arms.

Buyaki said...


I tend to agree that a close combat Dread would look fearsome with two arms like that. Who would want to get near that?

Please share some pictures of your army when you can.

Gospog said...

Great stuff! I have a large Lamenters army and seeing your Mantis Warriors fills me with burning...um...confusion. ;)

But seriously, very cool stuff.