Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blood Angel 'Ardboyz list

Here's a list that I used over the weekend.

Dante  225
Librarian w/ Jump Pack 125  Powers -Blood Lance and Might of Heroes (now to be Shield of Sanguinius)

2 Sanguinary Priests w/ Jump Packs 150
Furioso Librarian w/ Drop Pod 210  Powers- Blood Lance and Wings of Sanguinius
Furioso Librarian w/ Drop Pod 210  Powers- Blood Lance and Wings of Sanguinius

5 model Assault squad w/ Melta gun, power fist, and infernus pistol 150
5 model Assault squad w/ power fist, and infernus pistol 140
5 model Assault squad w/ flamer in Razorback with twin-linked lascannons 160
10 Death Company w/ powerfist  225  and  w/ dedicated Landraider w/ multi-melta 260
Death Company Dreadnought w/ magna grapple and drop pod 175
Death Company Dreadnought w/ magna grapple and drop pod 175

Vindicator  145
Vindicator 145

Total  2495

Give every dreadnought a grapple.  If it can't kill a vehicle when it lands, then hit it with the grapple and drag it closer and kill it in an assault.  The grapple is an additional weapon that can be blown off by a damage result.

It is interesting to note that a Vindicator costs nearly the same as an upgraded assault squad.

Librarian Dreadnoughts - taking Wings of Sanguinius was a novel idea and seemed to be pretty good.  I think the better choice might be to take the Shield of Sanguinius to absorb some incoming fire at the start of the opponent's shooting phase.  Add in a locator beacon or two to the drop pods and the Librarians and DC Dreads can boost their survivability.

Hmmm, lots of different lists are rolling in my head.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sanguinary Guard Wings Assembly

I had the hardest time figuring out how to attach the wings to the Sanguinary Guard models.  The instructions provided by GW were worthless in trying to figure it out and since they are all digital diagrams, a reasonable person would expect that they'd show how it assembles. But the finer points of model construction are not GW's bag.

So, the wings contain a spot that fits into the round bubbles on the back side of the marine torso. Yeah, its complicated to describe, so check out the picture for a more accurate description.  The areas that are circled are glued together.  Hope that helps.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard

First off, thanks to The Warstore for fulfilling all of my purchasing needs.  You guys rock.

Second, it's been many a moon since I've posted and I'm back!  Thank all of you for your comments and I will be responding more as your comments pop up.  The truth is so much easier to handle!  I'd rather be known for telling it like it is than one who can't face the facts!  So on we go.

I've been a rabid Blood Angel player since I played Space Marine Epic with the black armored Salamanders on the cover way back in 1991.  I've always like the color red, the glorious Red Wings and I think part of the draw of choosing the Blood Angels for Epic was they were always pictured in White Dwarf magazine.  So I got my copy of the Blood Angel Codex last week. Thanks Warstore!!!!!!

I'm very pleased with the Codex.  There are a few things I'm still digesting and figuring out, more on that later. 

But today is a discussion on Sanguinary Guard. These are some great models with some solid rules. I haven't used them yet in a game but overall I think they are a pretty good choice.   A player may take 5 models at the cost of 200 points.  It's pretty expensive, but I think there are a few good bits in there.  Each one has veteran stats and thus have 2 attacks. Artificier armor gives them a 2+ save and they are fearless. With Descent of Angels, they can drop in nearly anywhere they want.  The Glaive Encarmine is a two-handed master crafted power weapon so they can be devastating when they engage in combat and Death Masks can be taken that force opponents to make a leadership check and if they should fail, they will be at Weapon Skill 1 for the duration of the assault phase.  I would bet that during playtesting they tried the Glaives at Str. 6 and found it to be too much with the Artificier armor and Fearless rules and thus reduced it to merely a master crafted power weapon.  I think that losing the attack of the additional hand weapon to be rather silly for Blood Angels. Why shouldn't the Sanguinary Guard have 4 attacks each when they charge?  They are the Elite of the Elite!  I'd like to take units of 10 models, but alas, I can only take units of 5. Guess someone figured out just how good they were.

Add in a Sanguinary Priest to give Furious Charge and Feel No Pain, and a player has one fantastic and dangerous unit of 5 models, and sadly not 10.   Taking Dante as an HQ choice allows a player to take Sanguinary Guard as Troops choices.  That's awesome and allows for GW to really sell lots of these models which is what they want to do anyway, so why not give players that opportunity!  Good job, GW.

The models are fantastic too.  My only real complaint is that the sprues come with only one Infernus pistol, one Plasma pistol, and one Power fist.  The options in the book allow me to take as many as each of these as I'd like, but I'm limited by the number of pieces in the box. GW dropped the ball here.   It took me about 15 minutes to figure out how the wings attach to the model and I'll post up how that's done in the next few days as a proper customer service bit!

I like the way the Death Masks and armor look in that Italian Renaissance sculpture style (think Michelangelo's David), but I'm not a fan of the bare heads behind the Death Masks and they have the exact same hairstylist! Upon closer inspection, the un-helmeted heads have the same stylist too!   I like my Marines with close-cropped hair. These hairdoos look like they should belong in the Emperor's Children Fulgrim pretty boy camp. (Note: I like the Emperor's Children and Fulgrim, so this isn't a slam on them, just a statement of truth).  But I do applaud GW on the amount of different bits and shoulder pads on the sprues.

If you plan on taking Blood Angels Honor Guard, I'd recommend using most parts from the Sanguinary Guard models for your models. Just paint them red instead!