Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blood Angel 'Ardboyz list

Here's a list that I used over the weekend.

Dante  225
Librarian w/ Jump Pack 125  Powers -Blood Lance and Might of Heroes (now to be Shield of Sanguinius)

2 Sanguinary Priests w/ Jump Packs 150
Furioso Librarian w/ Drop Pod 210  Powers- Blood Lance and Wings of Sanguinius
Furioso Librarian w/ Drop Pod 210  Powers- Blood Lance and Wings of Sanguinius

5 model Assault squad w/ Melta gun, power fist, and infernus pistol 150
5 model Assault squad w/ power fist, and infernus pistol 140
5 model Assault squad w/ flamer in Razorback with twin-linked lascannons 160
10 Death Company w/ powerfist  225  and  w/ dedicated Landraider w/ multi-melta 260
Death Company Dreadnought w/ magna grapple and drop pod 175
Death Company Dreadnought w/ magna grapple and drop pod 175

Vindicator  145
Vindicator 145

Total  2495

Give every dreadnought a grapple.  If it can't kill a vehicle when it lands, then hit it with the grapple and drag it closer and kill it in an assault.  The grapple is an additional weapon that can be blown off by a damage result.

It is interesting to note that a Vindicator costs nearly the same as an upgraded assault squad.

Librarian Dreadnoughts - taking Wings of Sanguinius was a novel idea and seemed to be pretty good.  I think the better choice might be to take the Shield of Sanguinius to absorb some incoming fire at the start of the opponent's shooting phase.  Add in a locator beacon or two to the drop pods and the Librarians and DC Dreads can boost their survivability.

Hmmm, lots of different lists are rolling in my head.


AkersMinis said...

hrmmm looks solid, though I worry on the small size of the assault squads of their effectiveness since if they lose a couple then they are hurting bad.

Will said...

I don't like the death company. Too many points for a unit that's not a lot better than your assault squads. If they were scoring I'd think a little harder, but with out being a scoring unit, I really don't like them. The best part of the death company is the DC dread.

With the grapple, can you pull the vehicle into base to base with the dread, or does it stop an inch away?

I also don't like the inferno pistol. The 6" range really turns me off. I guess it's cool with Dante, but I'd settle for melta guns any day.

If you are taking Dante, you gotta take at least 2 units of SG. They are just too good.

Buyaki said...

The squads are on the small size, but remember that they can re-roll their reserve rolls with Descent of Angels to stay off the board or arrive en masse. If they can arrive en masse, then there are too many models for the enemy to deal with. With that being said, I'm not certain on the small squad sizes either.

The grapple will release when the model is dragged to 1" of a friendly model. I reread it last night to be sure. Thus it prevents an immobilized Dreadnought dragging a vehicle into base to base.

I'm not happy with 6" for the Infernus pistols. It should have been left at 8"

Will said...

Descent of angles only allows you to re-roll failed reserve rolls, so you can't try and hold them back.

I thought the grapple can pull other vehicles into base with the dreadnought, therefor allowing it to smack it in close combat on the turn it lands. I'm rethinking about taking them now.

If I was to play them this is the list I would run.

Dante (225)
Honor Guard, Jump Pack (165)
Furioso Librarian, Lance, Wings, Pod (205)
Sanguinary Priest, Jump Pack (75)
4x Sanguinary Gard, Fist (840)
10 Assault marine, Fist, 2 Melta (235)

Dante and the Sanguiary Priest joins the big jump pack squad. With tactical precision you can place them exactly where you need them.

The above total comes to 1745. I think this is a solid core of everything that you need.

Valhallan42nd said...

How did your tourney go?

Buyaki said...

I didn't play in our local 'Ardboyz. I had an extremely busy month and haven't been really in the competitive 40k mood for awhile.