Thursday, May 20, 2010

Giant Black Spot

The giant black spot is no more.   Awesome artwork provided by Liz  is now a banner at the top of the blog.  Thanks Liz!!

It's been quite some time from my last update and I've been extremely busy with everything except gaming.  I've been meaning to enter into a painting competition with a Death Company Marine over at akers minis but haven't had time to sculpt it holding a rose amidst a field of flowers.  The idea was to have a raving mad lunatic Blood Angel Death Company marine having a moment of clarity and enjoying the purity and beauty of nature at it's finest before rampaging back into enemy lines.  A few casualties on the base would drive home the point even further.

I'm completely swamped with work which I can't say much about, but you will really like what we put out in a few months time.  It will be a need, not a want.   Go ahead, get some for yourself, you've worked hard for it. I'll remind you when it arrives for I'll surely be posting up some pictures as well.

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AkersMinis said...

I dare say Jason I am rather interested in seeing what your job is producing if it is a need. If you can knock out something painting wise I think you will be fine as the competition is a bit light as of recent. I love the idea though and find the humor in it all.