Friday, May 28, 2010

Skull Tower - Warstore Weekend

This picture came up a few weeks ago on the GW website.  I think the Skull Towers look pretty cool.  Are they a shield wall, warning sign, or something much a flux capacitor!  I've got a bunch of extra skulls lying about so I've been thinking that I might give these a whirl. Yes, the bitz box is immense!

Many commented on other blogs that these were the same pieces.  They are not. I deal with terrain and details all day long so I pick up on the differences immediately.  So look again folks, look at the cracks and positions of the skulls.   What you need to know is the GW has had 3-D printers for well over 6 years now and I think these skulls are the same ones from Temple of Skulls.  It doesn't take much effort for GW to print out a series of skulls, mold them up and make some castings and then have the Hobby team paint them up.

But my skull towers, I need to wrap up a Death Company marine for a blog contest.

I also want to put in a plug for an awesome upcoming event called The Warstore Weekend.  Yes, that's right, those madcaps at The Warstore will be putting on a great weekend of gaming and fun.  Sign up now while you still have the chance.  I will be attending this event and hope to see you there.    More details to come as soon as I am allowed to speak about them.


AkersMinis said...

Hrmm never would have picked up on those little details as you did so cheers! As per the warstore, I keep meaning to check my calendar and I think come tues I will and hope that their is no gaurd drill. Are you heading over to Jersey for this event jason?

Buyaki said...

Yes, I am coming up to New Jersey for the Warstore Weekend

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