Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thunderbolts and Bombers, very, very frightening!

This week I finished off this flight of Imperial Marauder bombers and a flight of Imperial Thunderbolts.  I went with a dark blue base color with a series of black camouflage stripes. Perfect for night bombing runs and interceptions to bring the enemies to their knees which reminds me of this Motorhead classic.

I'm very pleased with the results and they look great on a tabletop.  I'm nearly finished with a few units for my FOW Polish army which will keep my numbers in the game, though I'm still behind. I've been appointed to a very important civic position in my local community and it requires much time and painting time is the first on the chopping block. But I'll keep going and try my best and knock out a few pieces for the Adepticon Show.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

January Painted Models

This update is a bit later than I had intended but it has arrived.   I painted 11 Sisters of Battle and 2 Imperial Guard Steel Legion models in January.

I have on the verge of being finished 9 GW Epic flyers, 5 Polish TKS tankettes, a Polish 4 gun 75mm battery with Staff, Command Rifle, and Observer Rifle teams (7 models), and a Polish 7TP jw tank.  This batch would certainly diminish the shortfall but not wipe it out.

The smaller tank on the left is a Polish TKS tankette, a two-man tank with very thin armor.   The larger tank is the Polish 7TP jw tank.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Painting Recap and January is gone!

I fell off the bandwagon again.  This time it wasn't so bad and I've been trying to catch up. 

I started the year off with the fancy idea of doing a foot guard army and ran two Steel Legion models through the test painting bin followed by a test model of a Sister of Battle for a friend of mine.    All three models were primed white, basecoated, then dipped with brushcoat of Army Painter, left to dry and hit with Army Painter Matt Sealer to kill the shine. 

Then I fell off the bandwagon again and spent quite a bit of time cleaning Blood Angel Space Marines only to wrap up the month by some rabid painting of 10 Sisters of Battle which I finished last night.    Now the Sisters that I'm working on are for a friend who will finish the bases himself so that saves me a bit of hassle.

I also painted up about 30 Flames of War Early War Polish Artillery crew for the month but since they aren't glued onto the bases and finished with their guns and caissons, they'll be counted in February.  As difficult as I make these models, I'm nearly tempted to count them as two models each.

Tony S. said he'd join in the challenge but I haven't heard an update from him and I highly encourage xNickBaranx to join in. For Nick, we'll go for 50 models,with works out to just 4. 3 per month.  Nick is a great painter and I've heckled him for years since 1998 about getting his fantastic Angels of Absolution done. He still hasn't!  You can find Nick here

It's still early in the year to take on the challenge and catch up.  Let the paint fly!

Photos coming soon!