Sunday, August 15, 2010

Death Company and flowers

I painted this a few months back to win an online painting contest and thought I should share it.  Its a Blood Angel Death Company Marine who's subject to a moment of clarity during the madness and has taken the time to admire some natural beauty.   Too bad for the Chaos Marine but that's the price they pay when the turn from the light.

The flower was sculpted onto a length of paperclip.   The leaves from the flower are simply strips of painted paper bent to have a nice curve, then affixed in place with a drop of super glue.  The roots were added by placing a drop of super glue at the root bottom and dipping it in static grass.  When the glue was dry I just painted the roots brown.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Skaven Stormvermin Champion Done

I've put the finishing touches on the Stormvermin Champion last night, and painted the base.    The base was covered in sand, and painted with slightly thinned Graveyard Earth. When that was dry, the sand was drybrushed with Bubonic Brown followed by Bleached Bone. 

I'm pleased with the results and its another model finished.  I'm planning on adding two different types of static grass, the standard short fibers that you can get at GF9 and a longer set of darker fibers. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Paint One Model A Day

I've been good at collecting models throughout the years and pretty awful at getting them painted.  I used to only play with painted models, but the demands of all that I do have taken a toll on the ability to get models painted and onto the tabletop.

So, I've resolved in my head to average at least one painted model a day, and it doesn't matter what the model is or what game its for, as long as I'm painting.   They just need to be finished and I think monthly updates seem to be the most reasonable way of accounting for this task.  Epic miniatures and dipping will certainly allow me to pad the numbers to hit the target when I have off days or other commitments.

In the last 4 weeks, I've painted 6 Khorne Beserkers, 1 Knight of Khorne, a Conquest Miniatures Colonial Militia model, and have on the go numerous Samurai, Epic Gretchin, a Stormvermin Champion, 2 Knights of Khorne, Brad's Blood Angel that he sent to me, and a few other things I can't recall. 

You'll see them here as I finish them and I'll probably add a sidebar widget to track what I've accomplished.

Are you up for a challenge like this?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Skaven Stormvermin paint test

Here's a picture of a work in progress Skaven Stormvermin.  I'm trying to paint it rather quickly and trying a few different techniques.     All the metallic areas were painted with Chainmail and given a heavy wash of Badab Black followed by a very thin wash of Vermin Brown.  I find that the Vermin Brown wash adds some subtle rust coloration to the armor areas.  The pictures don't show the depth of the armor colors.

I've decided to paint my Skaven army as real rag-tag colors so they'll have all manner of cloth colors wherever they've managed to scavenge it from. 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Awesome Elf Terrain

And the final awesome terrain set to be revealed at GenCon today in the GF9 booth is this immaculate elven tower surrounded by pillars and icons.  This was quite a challenging set to create but I think you'll agree that the results are well worth it. 

I've recently completed a few toppled pillars that will make great pieces for models to fight behind and take cover from enemy shooting, and slowing down enemy units as they try to climb over them (or perish trying!).  I think elf terrain is probably the hardest type of terrain for players to build and this set takes a huge chunk of work out of it. 

 My summer has been a very busy one at work but we've been creating some great pieces for tabletop wargaming.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hall of Heroes Terrain

The month of May was spent working on the Tree of Woe and the Hall of Heroes ruins set.     These pieces are being shown at GenCon today and more details can be found at GF9

The Hall of Heroes is a great set and provides lots of great cover for vehicles and infantry in any game.   The round shapes are a refreshing break from most square buildings that we see populating the majority of gaming tables.   This makes a great centerpiece for any war-torn table and a serious objective to take from your opponent!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Khorne Knight color test

This here is a color test that I did on a Knight of Khorne.  Base coated in all GW paints over white primer, then dipped in army painter strong tone.   A little bit of army painter matte sealer and its done.

The dirty little secret is that I painted this up for Maggitti.  I'm not sure if there is anyone who hates painting more than Maggitti.  He hates it so much that he stores his models in buckets and when games are over he just uses his forearm to scrape the models into the bucket.  No joke!

Tree of Woe terrain piece

The Tree of Woe!  This inspiring piece is sure to be a welcome addition to many tables and game systems.    Imagine the Tree of Woe dominating the battlefield on a lone hilltop, or controlling the only safe passage through a disease-ridden swamp.  The possibilities are endless.  This piece is being shown at Gen Con today.

This and some cool new tokens can be found at Gale Force Nine.

I have some mad plans on converting my Tree of Woe to tie in with my new Skaven army.  More on that when I get the tree finished.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Terrain

Fantastic new terrain is being unveiled at GenCon in the Gale Force Nine booth created by yours truly. I hope that you'll find it useful and inspiring.  For more information and for additional updates everyday, go to Gale Force Nine.

Yes, Brad, you will want it and you will know ahead of time that I made it, instead of after you leave the store. :-)