Monday, August 9, 2010

Paint One Model A Day

I've been good at collecting models throughout the years and pretty awful at getting them painted.  I used to only play with painted models, but the demands of all that I do have taken a toll on the ability to get models painted and onto the tabletop.

So, I've resolved in my head to average at least one painted model a day, and it doesn't matter what the model is or what game its for, as long as I'm painting.   They just need to be finished and I think monthly updates seem to be the most reasonable way of accounting for this task.  Epic miniatures and dipping will certainly allow me to pad the numbers to hit the target when I have off days or other commitments.

In the last 4 weeks, I've painted 6 Khorne Beserkers, 1 Knight of Khorne, a Conquest Miniatures Colonial Militia model, and have on the go numerous Samurai, Epic Gretchin, a Stormvermin Champion, 2 Knights of Khorne, Brad's Blood Angel that he sent to me, and a few other things I can't recall. 

You'll see them here as I finish them and I'll probably add a sidebar widget to track what I've accomplished.

Are you up for a challenge like this?


eriochrome said...

My problem is a lack of dedicated space. I have to set up and put away everytime I paint or model so it cuts a lot into the 30-60 minutes I might be able to squeeze in.

deathkorps said...

Nice plan. If you figure out a cool widget I'll do the same with my Death Korps and FoW SS Panzerkompanie. Cheers dude

Buyaki said...

Eriochrome - I have the same problem. I get out a folding table and set it up in the living room, get out my painting station, get some painting in, and then have to put it all away before I turn in for bed. I usually start painting after the kids go to bed and try to get in at least 3-4 hours at a time.

Jeff - I'll see what I can do though it might be more like a running list that I'll add to. I've been meaning to email you and haven't had the chance yet.

Shaffer said...

I may very well accept your challenge, though its gonna have to wait until after Games Day and once I get settled in Memphis. Once there it's on though. I have tons of projects I want to sort.

Matthias said...

I really like this idea....and you know I approve of painted Epic minis...can I assembly paint 7 minis over 7 days, finishing them all at the end? That counts right?