Saturday, August 7, 2010

Awesome Elf Terrain

And the final awesome terrain set to be revealed at GenCon today in the GF9 booth is this immaculate elven tower surrounded by pillars and icons.  This was quite a challenging set to create but I think you'll agree that the results are well worth it. 

I've recently completed a few toppled pillars that will make great pieces for models to fight behind and take cover from enemy shooting, and slowing down enemy units as they try to climb over them (or perish trying!).  I think elf terrain is probably the hardest type of terrain for players to build and this set takes a huge chunk of work out of it. 

 My summer has been a very busy one at work but we've been creating some great pieces for tabletop wargaming.

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Shaffer said...

Great work! My favorite of your new pieces, and a great testament to your precision and attention to detail!