Thursday, August 12, 2010

Skaven Stormvermin Champion Done

I've put the finishing touches on the Stormvermin Champion last night, and painted the base.    The base was covered in sand, and painted with slightly thinned Graveyard Earth. When that was dry, the sand was drybrushed with Bubonic Brown followed by Bleached Bone. 

I'm pleased with the results and its another model finished.  I'm planning on adding two different types of static grass, the standard short fibers that you can get at GF9 and a longer set of darker fibers. 


Jason said...

I think he looks great.

Dynamic pose that really implies authority (over Skaven, at least), nice colors that pop without looking gaudy.

deathkorps said...

Nice paint job dude- looking forward to seeing more of this army in the future