Sunday, August 15, 2010

Death Company and flowers

I painted this a few months back to win an online painting contest and thought I should share it.  Its a Blood Angel Death Company Marine who's subject to a moment of clarity during the madness and has taken the time to admire some natural beauty.   Too bad for the Chaos Marine but that's the price they pay when the turn from the light.

The flower was sculpted onto a length of paperclip.   The leaves from the flower are simply strips of painted paper bent to have a nice curve, then affixed in place with a drop of super glue.  The roots were added by placing a drop of super glue at the root bottom and dipping it in static grass.  When the glue was dry I just painted the roots brown.


Lantz said...

That is hilariously priceless. Nice conversion

AkersMinis said...

Really was a great model you did. I have the feeling that the pics don't even do it justice:).