Friday, September 3, 2010

Chuck the Blood Angel and Games Day 2010

Meet Chuck the Blood Angel Space Marine.   Years ago, GW had a set of Space Marines create to be 'life-size' and this Blood Angel was one of them that was sent over here to the good old US of A.  He didn't have a name and the Promotions Department named him Chuck.  He's been to more shows than I can remember, and I enjoyed the chance to catch up with him.  I'd gotten the chance to play Artificier with Chuck years ago and patched him up for battle. 

In the grand tradition of Games Day wackiness, here's a photo of a life-size Empire Cannon.  Why anyone would want to be a crew member of a device that will explode in your face 16% of the time is beyond me, but my Empire Cannon crew never complain to me about the explosions.

These big wacky things always made Games Day quite a bit of fun. For the 1999 Games Day, I build a large 40K Bunker for the Big Game, and I can't remember the year that I built the life-size Chimera.  That one blew people away (sometimes when they had to pick it up and move it around).  I'd really like to have some photos of that Chimera so if you see any, let me know!

I had a lot of fun at Games Day this year and got to see old friends again.  Sadly, this will be the last Games Day in Baltimore for who knows how long, but we'll get together again for some East Coast events.

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