Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Warstore Weekend

The Warstore Weekend is shaping up to get a great weekend of some fantastic gaming covering all manner of games. Its primarily focused on miniatures, but I'm sure you might see some board games there too!   The Warstore Crew is planning on a couple of big Apocalypse games, and there are a number of great games lined up to suit any taste - ancients, WWII, historicals, GW 40K and WFB, Flames of War, Warmachine, and more.  Additionally, you'll be able to try out a variety of demo games, hobby seminars, and some of the greatest hobby shopping in the USA.

You can find more details here: The Warstore Weekend 

I'm planning to bring my copy of Junta for some evening fun as this truly is one of the greatest games ever made. Google it and check it out. Its a very robust game built around lots of table talk, conniving, backstabbing, loyal alliances and ticked off air force officers and navy admirals.  Its a game that you sit back in some comfy chairs, drink some brews, and fill your Swiss bank accounts.

My friend Tim said he'd bring up his super Axis and Allies game. This game is so big that Hasbro decided (marketed) to break it into two distinct games, Pacific and Europe.  A few weeks ago, Tim stopped by for a wargaming weekend visit which included an awesome game of Twilight Imperium, and we capped the weekend with the full game of Axis and Allies.   

Here's a picture of the game right after it was set-up. My table is 9 feet long by 42 inched wide and the game took up the entire space.  We barely had room for our drinks.

 It was quite a dynamic game, and Tim was winning the game with the Axis when we called it late into the night.   The most useless power in the game is................France! Did you think otherwise?  We felt this was a well designed game and because it takes quite a long time to play, its worth setting a day aside for it to get full value from the game.  We intend to play it at least twice a year.

If you have that weekend free and are looking for something fun to do, then the Warstore Weekend is the event for you!  See you there.

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