Sunday, October 10, 2010


I've been pretty quiet on the blogosphere front as I have been consumed by many projects that all seemed to be due at once.  Thankfully, those projects are behind me and I've been able to take some time and go fishing for a bit.  Here's a photo of a solid days work on the river and the combined catch.  I caught this nice sized Chinook 'King' salmon after a good fight in Northern Michigan. It was about 44" and 18 lbs.  We used to regularly catch fish way over 20 lbs but there's a lot of competition in Lake Michigan for food, so we are regularly seeing smaller fish. But this jack put up a good fight and I'm sure he'll taste good.

The river is always enjoyable regardless of the weather and the solitude is gratifying and soothing to the soul.  Spending some time out here always focuses my mind and helps reset the priorities in life. 

I'll be back to regular updates this week with a few fun things in store.


AkersMinis said...

That my friend is a fine haul no matter who you are. I haven't even thought about fishing in years but seeing you kinda makes me want to dig out the old gear again and head out to the lake. Cheers on the catch!

Skabradisdead said...

Good to see you back in the saddle my friend! Lots like good eatin to me!

deathkorps said...

That looks like some tasty feast indeed! Nicely done

BT said...

Next time you go, gimme a call. Be good to hang out with you and Curt again, then go hit some smallmouth too!

Buyaki said...

Fish On!

It was a good haul for the day being an off day. Brad, I still go fishing every year!

It will be good eating, maybe some later this week.

Bren, that's something we can discuss. Shoot me an email off my blog and I'll let you know more.