Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Warhammer Forge - Forge World style debut

Hot off the presses from the German Games Day comes a series of photographs of Warhammer Forge products. These products are made by the same chaps at Forge World but reside in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle background.
Marienburg Land Ship

In the photos found here you'll find photos of a Chaos Dwarf Siege Train, Nurgle Ogres, Nurgle Trolls, Chaos Dwarfs, Nurgle Rotbeasts, Chaos Spawn, a Carmine Dragon, and all kinds of great new Empire stuff.

While I'm not sure when this products will be released, you can be sure it will be pretty soon, otherwise you wouldn't be seeing them now.

I wonder if the Marienburg Land Ship will work like a steam tank, the old war altar, or a bit of both. 

Either way, WFB will be even more fun with these new toys!


davetaylor said...

Hey Jason

I heard the following that may be of interest.

The Warhammer Forge team will be a seperate (new) team of sculptors so that the project will not impact on the Forge World schedule.

The plan is to release books in a Forge World format (ie. Story based) that focus on two or three races at a time. The first will be Chaos (Nurgle) vs Empire.

Early in the new year is the best guesstimate for a release of Warhammer Forge product.

And yes, some of this stuff will be crazy awesome!!!


AkersMinis said...

I too have been watching these treats as of late Jason. I have been hard at work on my fantasy and only dreaming of what some of their new stuff will do to add to my armies as a whole. Personally I am not a fan of the landship but hey not everything they produce I will love so it is ok by me.

Anyways thanks for the post about this as I just get even more excited everytime I see even a small tid bit on this stuff, even if I have already read it.

Jeff W said...

Awesome! Makes me almost want to break out my army...almost.

Buyaki said...

Thanks Dave! I had forgotten those details from Games Day conversations.

I think the landship is a bit high off the ground, but old steam engines are too! Think what all orc/ork players will do with it.

Jeff, you ought to sometime. Is it 5 or 6 years now? Sheesh!

Dan (nyhil) said...

I am currently hard at work thinking of ways to subvert these products for use in 40k... perhaps turn the land ship into an orky pirate battlewagon? Complete with boarding planks?