Monday, October 25, 2010

The Warstore Weekend

The Warstore Weekend was a fun-filled, fantastic weekend.  There were plenty of great inspiring games and loads of challenging tournament action.  There were tournaments for 40K, FOW, and Warmachine and the dice were rolling the entire weekend.

I met a lot of great people and got in a number of games.  The 40K tournament was a blast to run and the players were excellent sports and brought all manner of challenging armies. 

The winners of the tournament were:

Overall Champion - Dmitry Fetisov (Blood Angels)
2nd Place - Joe Biasco (Imperial Guard)
3rd Place - Sean Nayden (Salamanders Dreadnought Drop)
Best Sport - Sean Nayden (Salamanders Dreadnought Drop)
Best Appearance - Daniel Oppedisano (Imperial Guard Traitors)
Player's Choice - Daniel Oppedisano (Imperial Guard Traitors

More pictures of Dan's army can be seen on his blog found here:  There were a number of great looking armies and not a single unpainted model could be found in the tournament.  I look forward to next year's tournament. 

For those that didn't make it, I'd recommend to begin making plans now to attend the Warstore Weekend next year.   You won't regret a weekend of gaming with great people!


Dan (nyhil) said...

Thanks again for running such a smooth event. The tables were evenly laid out, and the missions were varied and fun.

I will certainly be there again next year, and I hope we get even more players to join the fun!

Buyaki said...

Thank you for your compliments! I had a blast it was a pleasure to meet you and see your army in person.

See you next year and maybe at a few events in between.

We'll certainly get more players for next year!

Sean said...

Salamander Sean here. Want to thank you again for running a great event. Is there any early word on the date for next year? I only ask because I know that on Oct. 22 Ill be getting married, so that may mean I miss it...

Either next year or the year after though, my friends and I will be back eventually.

Sean said...

Also, any chance that the results are going to be posted on I just googled myself and found out Im actually on the site for some other random event I did.

Think its a funny program but does kinda seem a cool way to connect the various tournaments out there.

AkersMinis said...

Sounds like it was a fun weekend. I think next year I should be able to make it down.

Buyaki said...

Salamander Sean! I think the weekend may slide up the calendar a few weeks so you can play in a tournament and get married in the same month!

Not sure on the rankings HQ bit but I'll look into it.

Alex, it was a fantastic weekend and I hope you'll be able to make it next year.

Sean said...

Well if it slides up the calendar then that would be awesome. Ill definitely be coming back and dragging Bob and some more friends along with me.