Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I took on a commission recently to sculpt a 13th Company Wolf Lord based off the new plastic Daemon Prince model.  My job is to kit him out with hair aplenty, a new wolf greave on the right forearm, and a howling wolf head.
 The model is coming along quite nicely and you'll notice the basic structure of the head and mouth.

I've dabbled a bit with a 54mm style head. I am happy with most of the features but the eyes gave me a lot of trouble.  The eyelids don't look quite right, so I will have to try a different technique. 

While I am sculpting away on these projects, I am attempting to sculpt on plenty of Blood Angel iconography onto regular Space Marine Terminators in an attempt to bring them up to the outstanding quality of the Space Hulk Blood Angel miniatures. Pictures to come!


Old School Terminator said...

Looking good, man, you just made me a follower. I love the idea of a DP sized werewolf!

AkersMinis said...

I like it, also that is one interesting idea I must say. Fluff wise it kinda makes a lot of sense that all of that time in the eye of terror would warp them a bit. Bravo Jason, and I look forward to seeing more on this.

Buyaki said...

Welcome aboard and thank you!

I'm going to try to squeak out more postings as the Wolf Lord progresses.

Dan (nyhil) said...

That looks really good! You skill as a sculptor is amazing. I am really looking forward to seeing this project progress!

andrew lipari said...

omg i am doing Skyra;s dark wolves as my choas marines and this would be awsome as the demon prince himself.