Monday, October 25, 2010

The Warstore Weekend

The Warstore Weekend was a fun-filled, fantastic weekend.  There were plenty of great inspiring games and loads of challenging tournament action.  There were tournaments for 40K, FOW, and Warmachine and the dice were rolling the entire weekend.

I met a lot of great people and got in a number of games.  The 40K tournament was a blast to run and the players were excellent sports and brought all manner of challenging armies. 

The winners of the tournament were:

Overall Champion - Dmitry Fetisov (Blood Angels)
2nd Place - Joe Biasco (Imperial Guard)
3rd Place - Sean Nayden (Salamanders Dreadnought Drop)
Best Sport - Sean Nayden (Salamanders Dreadnought Drop)
Best Appearance - Daniel Oppedisano (Imperial Guard Traitors)
Player's Choice - Daniel Oppedisano (Imperial Guard Traitors

More pictures of Dan's army can be seen on his blog found here:  There were a number of great looking armies and not a single unpainted model could be found in the tournament.  I look forward to next year's tournament. 

For those that didn't make it, I'd recommend to begin making plans now to attend the Warstore Weekend next year.   You won't regret a weekend of gaming with great people!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Warhammer Forge - Forge World style debut

Hot off the presses from the German Games Day comes a series of photographs of Warhammer Forge products. These products are made by the same chaps at Forge World but reside in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle background.
Marienburg Land Ship

In the photos found here you'll find photos of a Chaos Dwarf Siege Train, Nurgle Ogres, Nurgle Trolls, Chaos Dwarfs, Nurgle Rotbeasts, Chaos Spawn, a Carmine Dragon, and all kinds of great new Empire stuff.

While I'm not sure when this products will be released, you can be sure it will be pretty soon, otherwise you wouldn't be seeing them now.

I wonder if the Marienburg Land Ship will work like a steam tank, the old war altar, or a bit of both. 

Either way, WFB will be even more fun with these new toys!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I've been pretty quiet on the blogosphere front as I have been consumed by many projects that all seemed to be due at once.  Thankfully, those projects are behind me and I've been able to take some time and go fishing for a bit.  Here's a photo of a solid days work on the river and the combined catch.  I caught this nice sized Chinook 'King' salmon after a good fight in Northern Michigan. It was about 44" and 18 lbs.  We used to regularly catch fish way over 20 lbs but there's a lot of competition in Lake Michigan for food, so we are regularly seeing smaller fish. But this jack put up a good fight and I'm sure he'll taste good.

The river is always enjoyable regardless of the weather and the solitude is gratifying and soothing to the soul.  Spending some time out here always focuses my mind and helps reset the priorities in life. 

I'll be back to regular updates this week with a few fun things in store.