Thursday, August 5, 2010

Khorne Knight color test

This here is a color test that I did on a Knight of Khorne.  Base coated in all GW paints over white primer, then dipped in army painter strong tone.   A little bit of army painter matte sealer and its done.

The dirty little secret is that I painted this up for Maggitti.  I'm not sure if there is anyone who hates painting more than Maggitti.  He hates it so much that he stores his models in buckets and when games are over he just uses his forearm to scrape the models into the bucket.  No joke!


Powerposey said...

Looks good, are you planning on finishing the base?

And why did you have to remind me of Maggitti's bucket o'lizardmen. The only model Maggitti painted well was a Fen Beast of Albion and that was with a tank brush.

Tell Maggitti I said hi.


cliff said...

I personally prefer my Khornate worshippers a little closer to crimson/drying blood, but that is a decently painted model.

And an army of the little bastards would look pretty cool on the table.

I have to admit that The Army Painter has done more to win me over to their sprays and finishes than any other paint producer.

Save maybe Vallejo's Game Colors...

Skabradisdead said...

I use their coloured primer alot but for some reason when I airbrush devlin on the green it sits funny and beads up... Only with the airbrush though...

Buyaki said...

Its for Matt and finishing the base would be a clear waste of time. But I'll probably do it all the same.

Matt painted a model well? Surely you jest?

Cliff - You are entitled to paint your models anyway you want. I like the old school bright colors!

Weird with the airbrush Brad. Maybe add a drop of GW flat varnish to it might help or change what you are using for thinning the paint. Alternatively, you might try giving the whole model a light wash of something to break up whatever is making the devlin bead up.