Sunday, August 8, 2010

Skaven Stormvermin paint test

Here's a picture of a work in progress Skaven Stormvermin.  I'm trying to paint it rather quickly and trying a few different techniques.     All the metallic areas were painted with Chainmail and given a heavy wash of Badab Black followed by a very thin wash of Vermin Brown.  I find that the Vermin Brown wash adds some subtle rust coloration to the armor areas.  The pictures don't show the depth of the armor colors.

I've decided to paint my Skaven army as real rag-tag colors so they'll have all manner of cloth colors wherever they've managed to scavenge it from. 


Powerposey said...

Are you painting this for yourself?

It is good to see you painting fantasy again.

Buyaki said...


I'll be working on these sporadically while I work on some Perry Miniatures Samurai too.

Anonymous said...

Is this model from the Island Of Blood set? If so, I'm seriously going to have to consider buying it... I've always fancied a Skaven army, and that looks gorgeous (in a rat sort of way lol).

Skabradisdead said...

Looking good... How would skaven look with your dip method do you think?

I want to see samurai! Show us some samurai!

Buyaki said...

This model is the champion from the Stormvermin box set.

Skaven would look great with the dip method.

Samurai are coming in a few more days.

Odominus said...

I used Army Painter Strong Tone dip for my Skaven army and really like the results. The SV champ looks good!