Sunday, February 13, 2011

January Painted Models

This update is a bit later than I had intended but it has arrived.   I painted 11 Sisters of Battle and 2 Imperial Guard Steel Legion models in January.

I have on the verge of being finished 9 GW Epic flyers, 5 Polish TKS tankettes, a Polish 4 gun 75mm battery with Staff, Command Rifle, and Observer Rifle teams (7 models), and a Polish 7TP jw tank.  This batch would certainly diminish the shortfall but not wipe it out.

The smaller tank on the left is a Polish TKS tankette, a two-man tank with very thin armor.   The larger tank is the Polish 7TP jw tank.


deathkorps said...

Nice looking stuff dude! The Polish armor in particular looks great!

Is that some kind of wash or dip on the other minis? The color is very vibrant

Buyaki said...

The 28mm models were all primed white, painted and dipped with Army Painter strong tone, then hit with some matte sealer.

I think the white bases makes the models seem even more vibrant and they should tone down when the bases are finished. But they will be pretty bright like old time GW standards!