Friday, February 5, 2010

Rogue Trader Days Old School

I've been playing GW games for over 20 years now.  My first army I collected was Chaos Space Marines, specifically, Emperor's Children and Thousand Sons, while my friend Brenden collected World Eaters and Death Guard. We fought many battles together and against.

Here now is a taste of a few models that I've had in my collection since the dawn of my tabletop gaming experience and occasionally see use on the table as I try out different army lists.

Emperor's Children Land Raider.  Back then, there was only one model for the Land Raider, Rhino, and Predator.  If you wanted it Chaos, then you had to convert it because there were no Chaos accessory sprues.  So with a few skulls it becomes Chaos.  At least that was the theory 20 years ago. Now skulls are on everything.

Not a pleasing sight to be coming towards you.  Knowing what I know now, I'd recess the Heavy Bolters back further into the eyes.

Here are a few pictures of my Chaos Predator.  One question I always get from people who know that the Blood Angels are my favorite army is why is there a Blood Angel in your predator. The Emperor's Children was the first army I collected before I wised up and became obsessed with Blood Angels.  Our game night host, Mr. B. Woods,  had a Blood Angels army and I was alway fighting against him so it seemed reasonable to impale one of his marines on my tank.


BT said...

Ha, they are still in great shape. Looks more 'Heavy Metal' than Chaos these days. By Heavy Metal, I mean the movies and Graphic magazine. But that's a good thing.

Man, the game was fun back then, well besides the unbalanced armies cheesemongers would take. It was just deeper experience all around.

Sold most of the Chaos stuff except the demons. Still have the 'baby' greater demons- the bloodthirsters were good sculpts.

BT said...

Pics look pretty good, are you using a light box?

Buyaki said...

I finally got internet back after the weekend storm.

I have all my old stuff, still packed away safe and sound in my figure cases. I've never sold anything off. So I still have Fulgrim, those crazy Thousand Sons disc riders and all that jazz. More pictures to come.

No picture box for me. Just some decent lighting on the counter with both flourescents and incandesents, and a little bit of picture tone manipulations. Just like a light box, right?

Ack Ack Ack said...

The Heavy Bolters in the skull sockets made my day. Recessing them would only lessen the shock value.

You should ask Shaff to see his totally awesome back in the day Rhino. It had bat wings and a tubro booster. Hotness.

I used to melt stuff instead of using glue, such was my depravity. Good times.