Thursday, December 31, 2009

Imperial Guard Alien Invader Devastator

Hydra Flak Pattern Buyakis

Knowing what we all know about GW and how they move slower than the fastest servants in the Imperial Bureaucracy and the release schedule is often times years late for choices in Codices, I created my own Hydra Flak tank model so I could run 9 of these in the 2009 'Ardboyz tournament.  They did pretty well and scared the jeepers out of most opponents.

I already owned 9 Hellhounds and didn't feel the need to buy more models to convert over so my solution was simple.  I needed to create a baseplate that fits over the Hellhound turret ring and the rear hatch including the fuel tank feeds.  After making that, I made the turret, and created the autoguns and drum feeds.   With a little bit of Micro-mark technologies, I made enough to outfit 9 Hellhounds and away we went.

The real beauty of this bad-boy is that I can remove the peices and go back to using a Hellhound when I wish. 

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Anonymous said...

You need a top hatch so those IG men can escape the burning vehicle!