Sunday, December 13, 2009

Horus Heresy

This should be interesting.

Horus Heresy Boardgame

A long time ago GW made some awesome board games.  All were fun in one way or another.  Some were based on GW IP and others just on great ideas (Warrior Knights and Blood Royale) or comics like Block Mania from Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper.

I've played FFG's Chaos in the Old World  a number of times.  There are multiple strategies to pursue to win the game, and the replay value is superb.  If this game is an indication, then Horus Heresy will be a blockbuster.


Ack Ack Ack said...

I guess this is one of the reasons why Geedub was hot to destroy all files on boardgamegeek related to their very old, very dead (to GW) games. Turns out there's money to be made in the boardgame market! Duh.

And FF charging a C-note for this bad boy? That's a first. Sure it has lots of crap in the box, but so do their other comparable games. Gotta think that maybe the hand of GW is pushin' that price point.

Ah well, I know at least a few people that'll end up buying it. And there better be a special rule: On the 1st turn, before play begins, all White Scars die. Because. They are stupid.

Buyaki said...

GW's attack on old obselete game files is a modern version of the Rape of Nanking. Very poorly planned and executed.

FFG's big box games push $80 so I can see the GW licensing claiming $20 in the coffers for Intellectual Property rights.

We all know GW hasn't been able to produce good boardgames for ages and still can't produce a decent looking wolf, so its good news they've got someone with enough intelligence to let FFG do the work.

I like White Scars and to kill them all because you think their stupid is a shoddy argument. Get some facts like this.....

I want to kill polar bears because they eat baby seals. What did that poor baby seal ever do? I also want to have that polar bear stuff standing tall with arms outspread with fearsome snarl on his face, so when I come home, I can give him a hug and I'll feel better about all the lies of global,... I meant to say global climate change. Since it isn't warming, they've had to change the name around to something that sounds just as dramatic.

And another thing...why aren't we killing seals for meat? we're competing with them for fish so if we eat some seal, we'll be helping out fish stocks. Eskimos like to eat seal so why can't the rest of us? Its the new white meat!

Ack Ack Ack said...

White Scars are dumb!