Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Death Guard

I've been using Death Guard in my Chaos Marine army for about a year now and the units consist of current metal models and much aged 2nd edition models. There are many modelling opportunities with Death Guard that I've been working on some of my own sculpts and have decided to share them today.

I used a very old Chaos Space Marine plastic model whose legs, body, and head were one single part, and I cut off the horns that were on the head. I used Green Stuff to sculpt on additional details such as the bloated belly, cracked kneepad, and cloven hoof features so often found on Death Guard models. Also included is an older style of helmet with large goggle eyes and some plague critter slithering out of the cracked belly plate.
This old metal backpack comes from a Skaven Poisoned Wind Globadier, maybe back in 5th edition. Heck, it was a long time ago. But these packs have always been interesting so I'm using them as a guide to making my own style of backpack that I can make plenty of. I think some variants should have a bubbling cauldron of my landraider in the previous post.

I was able to get about 15 old Rogue Trader Renegade Nurgle models that I've stripped down in preparation for cleaning and painting. They all had the super old original fat backpacks which were alright 2o years ago but its time to give them my new super improved backpacks.


Ack Ack Ack said...

Nurgle is pleased.

Want to see the Nurgle Renegades.

Anonymous said...

Jason, Hey very very nice.

Don E.