Sunday, January 31, 2010

Background vs. Fluff

Often we hear all kinds of stories in our hobby and people often resort to quoting the fluff while trying to justify their army choices, actions, rule interpretations, etc.   When those individuals use the word fluff instead of background, they are embarking on the treacherous path of showing their lack of knowledge of food and literature. 

What is the difference between background and Fluff? 

Background is the setting that a story, tale, or intellectual property is based in and around.  Everyone who was paying attention in grade school learned what a setting was.  40K is based around the Imperium of Man, led by the Emperor and the 12 High Lords of Terra, the Imperial Administratum, and the Imperial Militant arms (Sisters, Guard, Marines, Battlefleets, etc), invading and marauding aliens, and all the stories regarding our favorite characters, armies, vehicles, and so forth.  This is background.

Fluff is a most delicious marshmallow treat produced by Durkee-Mower, Inc in Lynn, MA.  Its ingredients are simple - corn syrup, sugar, dried egg white, and vanillin.   I'm not sure what vanillin is but I think Vanillin Villians might be the ones using fluff incorrectly.   You can purchase Fluff in most good grocery stores and it tastes delicious.


Fluff can be used to make Fluffernutter sandwiches which are simply a Fluff and Peanut Butter sandwich.  They are fantastic sandwiches and if you haven't tried one I recommend that you do so immediately.


My daughter likes Fluffernutter sandwiches. Kids love it!

No where do I see Fluff in my rulebook or army books.   Know thy enemy. Learn to spot the differences.

Here is some Fluff on my rulebook.

Can you spot the Fluff and the background?

Fluff under the rulebook. Background and setting still in the book.
This isn't Fluff either, just snow from yesterday's 2nd big storm of the winter season. But if it was Fluff, it would be free and tasty but hard to shovel!

Don't abuse Fluff.  Please use Fluff responsibly.  Friends don't let friends use Fluff inappropriately.  Put it on sandwiches, ice cream, brownies, and other delicious desserts.  Feed it to your kids, friends, wives, husbands, in-laws, aunts, ants, and small woodland animals.

Don't use Fluff to describe background or setting. Know the difference and show your intelligence.


davetaylor said...

This post is full of pure AWESOMESAUCE!

Love it mate ; )

Ack Ack Ack said...

Thing about looking at background as law is that the universe becomes fixed, set in stone, doesn't evolve. Which leaves little room for creativity.

Like the creative process of mixing peanut putter with marshmallow paste to make a tasty sandwich.

I contend that without fluff there'd be no Fluff!

(fluff is a dumb term, I agree)

BT said...

Well, well, well. I guess the internets yields another surprise.

Jason, that sandwich looks truely gnarley!

I'd ask how the hell you're doing, but the question seems answered.

Been mostly playing Flames of War (soviets, germans) and LOTR these last years.

I'll drop in again. Keep up the good work.


L.M. said...

I <3 FlufferNutter sandwiches!

Buyaki said...

There is plenty of room in most background for creativity. Regardless, just don't call it Fluff. That was the point of the article.

The sandwich was delicious. Perfect energy boost before clearing out my driveway.

Brenden, I am doing great and its great to hear from you. Its coincidental that you've found my blog this week as I've been crafting an old school tank article with models that you'll recall from our gaming days. When did you become a fishing nut? You should fish for Chinook off Lake Michigan in the fall for some real fighters.

BT said...

Jay- you know how it is, got to be a nut about something! Wife took me to Shed aquarium in Chicago about 7 years ago and it reawoke old passion.

Got some of your Russian huts in my 15mm WWII collection! If only I could motivate to further finish Stalingrad.

Now, I am really surprised you haven't gone to an airbrush on the tanks. Pretty inuitive and quick. I do the 15mm german stuff in airbrush these days.

Hope your mom and dad are well and Kurt is out of trouble! LOL.

Gospog said...

I just found your blog today. Becuase of this post, it is my new favorite blog. (your minis are completely bad-ass, too)

Thank you.

Thank you!!!


Graham McNeill said...

Ah...this makes me happy. I've never tried fluff, but will have to rectify that error next time I come to the States (though without the yukky peanut butter).

And I've had this rant many a time, most recently at a signing in Cardiff. Good to know other background warriors are fighting the good fight.