Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New fancy junk from GW

Here's a link to a video some new fancy junk from GW for their release of 8th edition Warhammer   The broken GW website.  Watch at your own wallet's peril! 

I'll be the first to say that these new templates look pretty cool but do I need them to replace my already nifty GF9 multi-template....I think not! 

While the measuring device (both folding yardstick and compass) brings back thoughts of yester-year carpentry, it's unweildiness will certainly see it left in the figure case.  I'll go for a standard tape measure as my ally, unbreakable and unbendy in all its METAL goodness!

The combat calculator looks pretty interesting but its small counting sticks will soon be lost, thus the piece becomes irrelevant and nothing more than a decorative sconce for a terrain piece.  Send me yours and I'll make you something with it.

The rulebook is coming in at a pricey $75US for a mere 115 pages or so of rules out of 528 pages.  The rest of the book is background and hobby articles (which should be in White Dwarf, GW!!!). This book isn't guaranteed to stop bullets, but it will stop some (maybe from ticked off spouses, girlfriends, or lone wolf boyfriends).  Go here to see all the details including 100 pages of Citadel miniatures.... You didn't buy their catalogue this year??? well guess again!!!

A couple of folks have already told me that the new books pretty much makes all Warhammer Army Books obselete immediately upon purchase of the 8th Edition. I haven't seen it for myself, and no one at GW was willing to give me an answer so go figure.

I've also been told by a secret squirrel that the big rulebook's rules don't match the rules in the small softcover book that is included within the box game coming in the fall. Oh dear, let the speculation commence.


Jeff H. said...

Having seen both books today, the rules are the same. Just in a smaller format!

eriochrome said...

I think the new blast markers are nice looking but will probably cause problems with all the embellishments messing up the views.

I tried to get into WHFB with 7th edition but just could not do it. Now I am trying to trade away my few things for epic stuff on the Barter Bucket. These prices are not going to get me interested.

Allan and Carmen said...

I hope both Rulebooks are the same. I would love to get the rules sooner but would rather carry around the smaller A5 version which hopefully has the missions included?