Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How do you make ruins more ruined?

It's been a long time since I've had a chance to work on the blog.  I've been busy doing some remodeling around the house.  I did manage to get a sweet deal on some old Khorne Beserkers while at Historicon  and enjoyed some good meals and tasty drinks with the Warstore crew.

So here's a picture of a classic Khorne Beserker that I recently painted up.  The model was primed white, then basecoated with GW Blood Red. Details were picked out with Bleached Bone, Snot Green, Chainmail, and Vallejo Glistening Gold.  Then the model was painted with Army Painter Dip Strong Tone.  A coat of Army Painter Matt Varnish removed the shine from the model and then I painted the base Catachan Green.  I plan to go back in with some GW Gloss Varnish to make the metallic areas shine.

August is going to be filled with painting Perry Miniatures Samurai for an article on how to paint samurai for Wargames Illustrated.

And the answer to the question is here.  You make ruins more ruined by having them fly off a moving vehicle at 70 mph on a busy interstate and watching it shatter into pieces when it hits the road. No joke! I picked up the classic Outrider Thunderhawk Down tables and terrain, which were a big hit at Games Day USA back in 2003 or 2004, from my buddy Rick a few weeks ago.  We strapped the tables and most of the terrain down and sandwiched one piece of terrain amongst the rest.  45 miles later right in the heart of Baltimore, I glanced back in my side mirror and saw it peeling off the back of the truck and hit the asphalt and explode into hundreds of pieces.  Being made mostly of foam, it was a goner and I kept on going for there would be nothing left of value. 


AkersMinis said...

I shouldn't laugh but the way you phrased that was pretty funny. I like the khorne though and thats not to shabby a paint job on him. I really need to try that army painter stuff.

Buyaki said...

We didn't think it was funny when it happened but we get a laugh out of it every time now!

Alex, the army painter stuff is a huge time saver. I don't get as much time as I like to paint models or crank out armies, but army painter helps a lot.

VENNgeance said...

I cannot remember the site name, but on a MINIWARGAMING video (about Space Hulk terrain making) on YouTube, there's a link to a company that does plastercast MOULDS for gothic ruins etc... Remembered! HIRST FAMILY ARTS ARCHITECTURE or something similar... Seriously, check them out!! VENNgeance (can't seem to log into my blogger account??)