Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Iron Warriors Land Raiders - EPIC

After a few hectic months, I'm back on the painting path painting a plethora of models.  This week sees the completion of 11 Iron Warriors Land Raiders ready to roll into the breach.  These will certainly be a joy to push around on the tabletop.

On the Paint Bench is a large plethora of Flames of War early war Polish models including an Armored Train.  I'm currently working on the train and should be close to wrapping that up this weekend. Its a very challenging model to paint due to the sheer number of rivets but when it is finished, it is such a beautiful model to view.


EMDEE said...

Nice to see some Epic anything J. Makes me wanna pull mine out. GJ!

Anonymous said...

Those are EPIC! :)

I love anything in 6mm, your Iron Warriors are terrific.