Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Lamenters

Years ago on the GW website when the 4th edition Space Marine Codex was released, GW put up some awesome marine sketches.  Mark Gibbons, now with Blizzard Entertainment, was doing concept art for GW at the time, and contributed some great variety to the ever growing Space Marine ideas vault.  One that captured my attention was a heavily armored heavy weapon totting Marine.  This conversion is one of my attempts at playing around with a few different ideas.
 I expect this marine to withstand a fearsome barrage of weaponry and still maintain a high fire output due to the additional protection of the shield and armor plating.  

This marine has personalized his equipment with a lone bleeding heart on his knee guard and the artificiers have placed a zorathrax hair crest on his helmet.

 Maybe I'll get around to painting more of the Lamenters one day. But before then, I'll be working on my Blood Angels


Anonymous said...

Please - how did you do the crest on the marine?

Buyaki said...

The crest was cut from a Warhammer Dogs of War Alcatani Fellowship model, glued to the center of the helmet, and green stuff was used to fill the gaps.

Gospog said...

I didn't make the connection before! You did the minis (or some of them, at any rate) for the White Dwarf Badab War campaign articles!!!

Very cool, man. Very, very cool.

I'm partial to Lamenters, of course. But nice work all around.


Buyaki said...

Yes, I made a whole slew of figures for my army and John Shaffer and I made a series of themed battle reports for White Dwarf. We had a lot of fun working on our armies and developing some great ideas for them.

At one point I sat down and using the Chapter Traits system, developed Traits for the remaining Loyalist Badab War participants. That was much fun.