Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fort Buyaki Invitational Update - Now with Warhammer

The FBI prize package continues to grow at a healthy rate.  As I type, we have a prize package worth over $1300 for our recognized winners and I am working on securing a number of swag bag goodies from a number of great manufacturers for each participant.

The FBI is a two day, 5 round 40K tournament featuring 2000 point armies.  Players are randomly matched for the first round and in subsequent rounds are matched up swiss-style by comparing their battle scores.  The highest battle score is matched up with the second highest, the third highest with the fourth, and so on.  No player will ever play the same player twice.  You may purchase your tickets to the FBI HERE!

The overall champion is the player with the highest battle score.  Only game play determines our champion and we offer separate awards for painting and sportsmanship.

We have also added a Warhammer Fantasy Battle tournament to the Fort Buyaki Invitational.  This tournament will  be a two day, 5 round event with armies of 2400 points.  More info to come soon.

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