Thursday, June 30, 2011

Early War Polish Army - Painting One a Day

I've finally been able to complete a major painting project and while still behind on the count, I have at least gained some ground this month on shortening the gap of unpainted figures.  I was behind by 100 models, but now the number hovers around 80.  I still have a long way to go, but I am making strides.  

Today I present a Flames of War Early War Polish Army with the armored train that I showed at the beginning of the month.

This army comes in at around 1500 points and can easily be boosted to 1750 with the addition of some anti-tank guns and artillery.   Below is one of the HMG platoons that are attached to the large Piechoty platoons.

The Polish army has a large number of exciting options to field include their famed lancers (Kawalerii) and their armored trains.  I've got a couple of Mounted Kawalerii regiments in the process of being cleaned and they'll be next up onto my Flames of War painting docket along with some armored cars, and heavy artillery.

In the coming weeks, I'll post the process by which I paint my figures and share a few insights along the way.


B-Ry said...

Looking good there Mr. Buyaki! I myself am painting a Polish Piechoty Company as well. I started with the army box and added on more gun support. I will be fielding it at HistoriCon this year and trying to paint it in a week ;). I will have to upload a few shots as well.

Buyaki said...

Best of luck getting your army painted in time, it will be a challenge.

Anatoli said...

Awesome stuff, I have lots of Early War Poles myself. Always happy to see other players out there collecting them for Early War :-)