Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stormtalon tainted by Nurgle?

I've been mulling over the Space Marine Stormtalon for a few days looking at its chunkiness and wondering whether it is a good or bad design.  I'm undecided on the design, but I like the idea of a single person flyer and it does have a few similarities to the Bell Huey Cobra with its chin gun and side mounted weapons.  The Cobra was a great piece of weaponry in the US arsenal - fast, narrow profile, and loads of weapon options. No one in their right mind wanted to be on the receiving end of business from the Cobra.

When I broaden my scope of examination to understand where this design might have come from, my thoughts jumped to the Forge World Blight Drone.  Reverse engineer the Blight Drone and millenia of corruption and you have the Stormtalon.

Aside from these musings, I've been working on some Flames of War American Tankers, and a few Chaos Terminators for some games of Space Hulk.


Flashkid123 said...

Smart thinking...

davetaylor said...

I'm thinking of grabbing one and stripping off all those weapons and using it as an Inquisitorial ride. It really seems to fit that part of the background more than the "dripping with guns, Space Marine bonus flyer" kind of role.

Bneffer said...


Have you ever experienced "Info drop" from your Blogger site? I have pictures from older posts on mine that just show up as a ? now. It's been very frustrating - to the point that I might start over on another blog site. But your Blogger page looks great, and full intact. Just thought I'd check.

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